Monday, May 16, 2011

Apples, Strawberries, and Bikes

This is what we did this weekend. First, I tried some new cake pops for Colin's teachers. Apples!

Then Colin helped Daddy put together his new bike.

And the best part: strawberry picking. We had planned to go on Saturday, but once I saw Hallie's strawberry picking post I decided I wanted to change where we were going. And I am so glad I did. Valley Home is so nice and Colin had so much fun. He didn't do much picking...mostly eating. In fact, I was washing some berries last night and I found one that Colin had taken a bite of an put back into my basket.


  1. shut up, you are getting SO good at those cake pops!!!! maybe i'll hire you to make me some!

  2. I still have quite a bit to learning to do. Out of all the ones I tried...I think only three ended up decent in that batch. The candy coating kept cracking. I am not sure what I am doing wrong... I just hope at least two stay uncracked until I can bring them to his school tomorrow!