Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Outing

Last week we invested in a new piece of equipment to allow for some family exercise.

A bicycle trailer! He has little pockets in there so we loaded him up with a couple snacks, his juice, and a couple cars to play with.

We planned it so that Colin could play at the Cason Trailhead, we could eat a picnic lunch, and then bike during Colin's nap time. It worked out perfectly.

We biked for 2 hours. Colin fell asleep right away and didn't wake up until we made it to the Thompson Lane Trailhead. He stayed awake the rest of the ride and enjoyed it.

I will say a two hour bike ride pulling a trailer with a nearly 30 pound kid in it is a great workout and we hope do it often.

And you don't realize, until you see a picture, how badley sports bras make you look. Hello uni-boob.

If you are looking for a bike helmet for you little guy or girl I suggest going to the bike shop near the Square. We couldn't find one small enough for his head at Target but the bike shop carried toddler sized helmets and he loves it. He will wear it around the house if we let him.

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