Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hell or High Water 5k

Today Hallie and I participated in our 2nd 5k. I was so excited and my goal was to be faster than my last race. I thought that was doable considering my normal practice runs were now faster than that.

Friday I started feeling sick. I am pretty sure it was just allergies and it made me feel exhausted, foggy, and even nauseous. Andrew gave me some "alone" time that night and I went to the GAP. Something is obviously wrong when I'm ready to leave the GAP and go to bed or maybe even throw up.

I went home and went to bed and got up bright and early this morning to have some coffee and light breakfast. Still didn't feel great. But figured I was nervous. We picked up Hallie and made our way to Nashville. We walked and warmed up, and I still didn't feel well. I used Andrew's nice heart rate monitor (I'm getting my own for my birthday!!!) because I had been using it in practice runs. I learned my average heart rate during my runs is usually 160 and I top out at 171.

Well, we began the race, me still telling Hallie was going to hurl. I spent the run watching my heart rate monitor knowing I didn't feel well b/c I couldn't get my heart rate down. When we got home I plugged it up and and found out that my average heart rate during this run was 173. And I topped out at 181. Andrew said I was obviously not feeling well..and then laughed that I even continued the run and never passed out.

Anyway, I finished...with a worse time that my previous race. But I finished. Hallie did AMAZING!! I'm not even going to tell her official time because I am sure she will want to share it herself on her blog when she makes her post. I am so so proud of her. She has a tough time to be at our future races!

She was a good friend and didn't want to leave me for fear of my barfing on the side of the road and being alone. I am so glad she listened to me and didn't stick with me. But I am glad I have a friend that would be willing to get a sucky time to stay by me when I'm sick.

So, here are some pictures from today. Our boys even came and watched. =)

For the record, my time was 36:39. I would love to erase that race from my history completely. But I will keep track of it and will never be slower than that again. Can't wait to make up for that time.


  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    Hey, at least you did the race! There's always another race to beat your time! Can't win them all! :)


  2. Thanks girly! And of course I wouldn't leave you unless I was sure you were ok, for the record I almost turned around! Im glad you're better and you can get your "do-over" on our next one! You still get a gold medal for finishing! :) Had a great time :)