Monday, March 11, 2013

These Days

I am so so glad that warm weather is around the corner! We've been enjoying the warm days we've been lucky to get lately, especially Saturday. We ate at Garcia's for lunch and Colin would not sit still. He had so much energy built up that after we ate we got out his bike and headed to our neighborhood park.

He got his bike last summer for his birthday and wasn't super good at it. He'd get on for a few minutes and find something else to do because he just couldn't look forward and pedal at the same time. He'd want to look at his feet and he'd run into things. Well, he has is down now. He can pedal quickly and even has mastered his hand brakes!

When we are inside we have been working on handwriting and letters and building Lego's. Colin is way into Lego's and I am amazed at all the kits they have! I love putting a kit together with his help, and then seeing how he has altered it a week or so later.

Not sure how the photos will post on here. I am using the Blogger app for the first time on the iPad.

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