Monday, January 13, 2014

Photo Dump

Pictures from the week off my phone.

Check up with the Cardiologist (all looks about the same and no changes!).

 Below freezing!

This is where Molly sits most of the time at our house. She likes lounging and looking out the front windows. If my house is ever clean again, I'll give a tour on the blog.

I don't get many photos of me with either of my boys. So I have to take them myself in the mirror or do a selfie!

Today he wore a 3-6 month outfit from GAP. And there's that cute dimple! And Colin asks to hold him often.

 Sunday we grabbed some BBQ for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the Zoo. Charlie was happy and awake a lot of the day! However he didn't sleep to great last night. So not sure about that connection. =/

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