Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Two weeks worth since we were in Florida.

Two weeks ago (the 21st) Colin had his last day of school. The day before they had a field day complete with a picnic we got to attend and even the ice cream truck was there. He enjoyed running around with his friends and I know he will miss playing with them so often this summer. I've exchanged numbers with one of the moms and hopefully we can get together so the boys can play a few times before school starts in the fall.

Colin's last day of school was the next day and right after school we loaded up and took a long freaking drive to Florida. An hour and a half of the way into the drive we had to stop for a bathroom break and Colin was so excited because he thought we were there...

My Dad moved down to The Villages this past fall and this was our first visit out there. We loved the slow pace of the trip and Colin loved the golf cart rides. There were golf cart lanes on the side roads, and then golf cart paths throughout the community between the high traffic roads and all the golf courses. We rode it everywhere - dinner, Publix, Peachwave, the pool - Colin (and Andrew) said that was their favorite part.

We asked Colin before the trip if he would like to go to Disney or Lego Land when we visited and he choose Lego Land. We had 1/2 price coupons (loved the park, but would not pay full price!) and we had so much fun. I got to ride a couple roller coasters (one with my dad, one with Papa. They were the only ones that liked rides) and Colin actually road one fast ride along with the slower speed ones he preferred.

One fun thing about Lego Land - you bring one of your mini figures to trade though out the park. We brought this ugly strange clown we had. You find a Lego Land worker with a mini figure attached to their name badge and just ask to trade!

Photos from that trip (probably not in order):

And when we got home, we had a visit from the Madewell family! They came down on Saturday after a visit with her Granny. We took the boys to The Depot for lunch and then went to the park across the street. That night Andrew watched all four boys while Hallie and I got to go to the mall and out to dinner. It was so nice. She said we did not stop talking once - and she was right! It was so nice not to be interrupted by little kids. I took Hallie to The Club and to show her the view.

Bless Andrew, he did a great job. And the little boy from next door came over too, so he ended up with 5 kids at one point. And since he survived, I'm not afraid to ask that of him again. LOL


  1. omg Nate would love lego land!!!! and that's awesome that Andrew survived. I definitely agree - ask again :) lol

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    Glad you had fun in Fl. I'm so jealous of Hallie's visit. I AM going to make it someday soon!!