Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm skipping a week since I got busy and jumping straight to a wrap up of our lake trip.

We left Friday afternoon and stayed the night in Hendersonville with Granny and Papa, which was a blessing because that trip is LONG. Then Saturday morning my mom and brother met us and we headed up north to Lake Wawasee to stay with my Aunt Pat and Aunt Mary for the week. Colin rode with Memaw so it was just Andrew and Charlie in the Jeep with me. Charlie was a great rider. We only stopped once the 7.5 hour drive and I would climb to the back and wedge myself between the two car seats to give Charlie his bottles so we didn't have to stop.

It was colder this year but we still had fun and got to go on the water. Colin surprised me a lot this year. First, he tubed! This kid is afraid of getting water in his face, but agreed to be pulled behind the boat (at a slow speed of course) multiple times. I even went with him once. He also swam in the channel. I don't because I don't like lake water,but he jumped right in, with his life vest, and swam around. Third, he is he a fisherman. Jim and Nick were both so patient and helped him fish during the week. He caught a good amount and even had a keeper that Jim cleaned and I cooked for him. =)

Since it was cold we did the bowling ally one day where Colin showed off his granny bowling skills.

Aunt Mary and Jim put up a baby swing for Charlie. He enjoyed swinging in that and just playing in the nice soft grass. Oh my, she has nice grass. Ours is terrible and I an so envious of her lawn.

Here are pictures, in no particular order.

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  1. looks like an awesome trip!!! love your boys' sweet smiles!!!