Monday, July 21, 2008

Chalkboard Paint

I finally know what I want to put on my kitchen walls, however, I need chalk board paint. I have Googled it and found message board posts where people are talking about it, but no one has mentioned where to get it. Also, all I can find is chalkboard spray paint. I am looking for the kind you roll or brush on. So, does anyone out there know where I can find this stuff? And has anyone applied it before? I am afraid I am taking on a task that is more difficult than I think...


  1. Lowes has it. You might have to ask the paint guy, but I have gotten some there before. Good luck!

  2. Hoover has it, too! And I like the board around this one! I was thinking something like baseboard or a picture frame... I'm thinkin!

  3. I liked that one too. I was going to look at chair rails and see if my dad can help me. Or go the easy route and look for frames. I am thinking something permenant though. So I hope to get the courage to make a frame out of the chair rail material. I will be heading to Hoover and Lowe's soon!