Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend in Atlanta

This weekend we headed down to Atlanta because Andrew was in a wedding. This would be one of the first weddings where I would be a guest and not a participant, so I was looking to stores nearby that I wanted to hit that we don't have here near the 'Boro. First was The Container Store. I have been looking at there merchandise online since I saw it on Oprah back in the fall. I could finally touch and feel everything I have been looking at on the computer screen. Unfortunately, I left empty handed. It is very overwhelming in there if you don't actually have definite plans to organize something specific. My favorite section was the kitchen section.

My next stop was Crate & Barrel. I have been addicted ever since Emily brought a catalog into work. My favorite things are from there - my dishes, living room furniture, and especially my mixing bowls. (I know - odd. but I love them. I made one my salad bowl.) Finally I could look at things without having to pay for shipping charges back. I walk into the mall and search out the directory and Crate & Barrel isn't listed. I was confused, so Andrew took me into Macy's to ask where it was located. Sad news - they took it out a month ago! It seemed like a pretty swanky mall, they could at least update their website when a store has been gone for 30 days. Don't worry too much - I wasn't sad for long! I found a new kitchen store that is now at the top of my list!

I loved it in here! It is like a Williams Sonoma, but not nearly as intimidating. We found a new piece for our kitchen that we have been looking for after an episode of Gilmore Girls: a Cow Creamer! Cereal and coffee just got more exciting! Along with that, they had a plethora of cookie cutters, my favorite being the football helmet. That will get plenty of use during football season!

Sad news about Sur la Table - there isn't one located within 100 miles of Nashville. So another store where I will have to shop online.

After searching for my stores, we headed to the church for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding but the weather was hot!

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