Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Halfway Day!

Today is my halfway day! The ticker on your right should say "20 Weeks Pregnant!"

Tomorrow is our 20 week scan, and I have been getting nervous this past week, so say a little prayer for us that everything looks good!


  1. Yay for halfway! And you could be even more than halfway if your little one comes early!! (Nate was a week early!)

    So...Bachelor...I thought he made the right choice in getting rid of Jillian. And I agree with your pick - Mel is the one for him! I get just teary-eyed watching the two of them together!! (Retarded, I know.) CANNOT WAIT till next week...Deanna drama!!

  2. So, Cassie and I were watching it last night when the previews with Deanna came on, and we kind of just think she is going to tell him think carefully about it b/c I think I made the wrong choice...blah blah blah. I don't think she is going to come back and say, "I love you...pick me! Come with me!"

    I could be wrong though...which would make a really interesting episode!!

    He is so going to pick Melissa. And I love the women tell all episodes and outtakes!

  3. I cannot wait for you to see this ultrasound!! It just keeps becoming more and more of a reality after this. And no worries!! It will be so amazing!

  4. Hey Leah - I snoop around on your blog and decided to finally comment because I love your "Who should The Bachelor" choose to the right. I agree 100% - Melissa is my pick!

  5. I love that no matter what you post about all your comments are about the Bachelor. Ha!

    And yeah for being half way, it's gone by so fast. I mean for me, anyway, I'm not the one who has been tired and can't sleep and uncomfortable. But you know what I mean!