Friday, November 25, 2011

Goodies for Gifts

I think one the easiest and most thoughtful "small gifts" during the holiday season is baked goods.

There is no way we could ever afford to buy each one of Andrew's co-workers a Christmas gift. Not to mention, it would be a little over the top. But I am not a fan of a big box of food sent into the office. I am convinced that the big box of treats everyone sticks there hand in is how everyone will end up with a cold or flu during the holiday season. Maybe Andrew and I both over think this, but we don't usually partake of treats that are sitting on the break room table for anyone and everyone to grab.

So with a little help from Martha Stewart's small treat boxes, we will be giving them each there on little box of goodies.

I am planning to have three different kinds of goodies in each box. The thought of holiday baking might stress you out. And the thought of THREE different treats might add to it. Here is the tip: make 2 of the treats ones that will freeze and thaw out well. Make those two a couple weeks ahead of time and then thaw out the night before you assemble them with the last treat, which you bake fresh.

Here are some good cookies that freeze and thaw well:

Finish off with one of your favorite cookies recipes that taste the best when fresh. Or keep it simple and make a batch of Puppy Chow to add to your mix. I'm thinking a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe (found on Pinterest, posting recipe soon!) will finish off my treat boxes.

*Always make sure that your cookies are completely cool before freezing. I usually put the cookies in a gallon sized freezer bag. I don't pile them in the bag. I tend to only stack them 2 cookies high in each bag so that they stack evenly in the freezer. If I don't plan to use them all at once, I store them in smaller bags (quart sized freezer bags) so that I can thaw a bag as I need them.

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