Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday I didn't have to make breakfast. We had reservations with the Murfreesboro Toy Company to have breakfast with Santa!

Upon arrival we were supposed to have photos taken with the man in red. It didn't go so well. Colin was afraid of him so we decided to try at the end. So we sat down at our table and made our craft. We made ornaments (clear plastic balls they filled with tinsel, white and blue sparkly balls, and red sparkly pipecleaner pieces.

Then it was time for breakfast. I'm pretty impressed. They had donuts holes on the table to snack on during crafts and then brought everyone a cup of fruit, a plate with a pancake and bacon, and had orange juice, milk and coffee. Santa walked around and talked to the kids during the craft and breakfast time.

Then Santa read Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Colin sat on my lap for most of it, but he did sit with Ben for a little part of it without me. Even though he knows Santa brings him gifts, he is still a little afraid of him.

We tried one more time with pictures and this time we asked Ben to be in them too. I was hoping if his best friend wasn't afraid and was willing to see Santa with him, he would like it better. He still resisted, but we did end up with two photos where Colin doesn't look completely terrified and in tears. =)

Overall I think they did a great job and I plan to take Colin back next year. Maybe he will be brave enough to meet Santa on his own next year!

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