Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A new cook in the house

This was the first Christmas that Colin really got into the Santa thing and opening presents.

This year he got a little kitchen. I was so excited to give ti to him! He always wants to help me cook. He also got a few Melissa & Doug food toys. So far he has made me cookies with icing and pizza with peppers. He cracks me up. I tried to organize his cooking toys and as he is making cookies he yells, "Mommy! Where's my baking sheet!?" And when he makes me pizza he says, "Coming right up!"

He needs a few more accessories to go with his kitchen: a little hand towel, a pretend hand soap (we always wash before cooking!!), and some plates.

A couple other super cute things he got: a cookies monster bathrobe and Woody PJs. He also got Buzz PJs but we started with Woody since he also got coordinating boots, hat, and even guitar.

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