Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stay at home mom

A few of you know this about me, but I am now a full time stay-at-home-mom. I'm into my 3rd week and so far I love it. This would not have been ideal for me 2 years ago, but for now, it suites me so well.

The first week home, we didn't do much. I think Colin liked that he didn't HAVE to go anywhere. So we played at home a lot. I have been able to put into practice my new cleaning schedule and it has been so much better than doing lots of cleaning one day a week. I do a couple things while Colin naps and I'm done.

We rejoined the MAC and Colin loves the child care area. Sometime he even asks if we can go to the gym. I am able to go on the days he has MDO without having to worry about taking him, but it is nice that he likes to go. I am also running my first 5K in just a couple weeks!

We've been to park many times already with this nice weather. On Monday we went to the Greenway and did 12 miles on the bike (Colin in the trailer) and then played at the playground and we brought a picnic lunch. He loved it. He told me once we got buckled in the car that it was so much fun. I'm hoping we do that a lot this summer.

I also have plenty of recipes I need to get posted. One of my favorite parts of having so much free time at home is that I can cook so much more. We haven't purchased bread or English muffins in weeks. I now make them at home. And Colin likes to help me stir and pour in ingredients so I have a little sous chef. He loves my bread and English muffins and even told me "You're at good cooker!" He has been begging for tortillas so that is up on our list soon.

I'm transferring all of my favorite and frequently used recipes to a tastebook so that I have a hard copy in case something ever happens to my blog. That will slow me down a little when it comes to posting recipes, but I hope to have some new favorites up soon.

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  1. WOOHOO for staying at home, SO EXCITED!
    Cant wait for our 5K!

    So.. you make your sandwich bread? RECIPE PLEASE! I have a bread machine but thus far all 3 loaves I made have been a serious fail!