Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinterest Project

I've done quite a few things off of Pinterest, but they have been pretty small things and mostly recipes. I have pinned a lot of house type stuff but have been apprehensive about doing them because for the past 2 years we've gone back and forth about selling the house and getting something new. But, I we've decided to stay here for a little longer since we have no immediate need to move and with a new baby coming, I like the idea of staying in a one story house.

So no more waiting to make my house pinterest worthy. I am doing it here. I did my first project and I couldn't be happier: the Cloffice.

We converted the front coat closet into an office space. This gets the computer out of my bedroom (felt like my college apt) and the Internet router out of the baby's room.

Some progress pictures for you:


On my list are a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can more easily move it and let Colin work here. I also am looking for a few more organization baskets/containers for the shelves to get that looking tidier. Oh, and one more grommet needs to be drilled behind the lamp so you don't see that cord running to the other side.

I also want to replace the chair with something fabric covered and a fun design.

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  1. love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps wish I was there to help you shop for baskets & containers! :)