Sunday, May 19, 2013

Update on us

I got back to posting my meal plans for a while but then fell off the track a bit. Colin and I just got back from a cruise and we recently finished a Pinterest project that I am so proud of, so posts about those will come soon.

But the biggest news is that our family is growing!

Baby Coleman #2 is due December 1 and we are so very excited! I'm 12 weeks pregnant today and feeling back to normal.

I have been tired and have had sickness that has come and gone, so my exercise routine fell apart until recently. The past week I have gotten back into a regular routine and hope to stick to it most of my pregnancy this time. (I got lazy with Colin...trying not to repeat that!) I'm back to going to body pump (which I can tell I lost some of my hard earned muscle over the last weeks of resting) and just walking several times a week instead of jogging.

I look forward to posting some updates and some meal plans now that I am back to feeling like cooking!


  1. Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you guys. And thrilled for Colin too; he will be the best big bro.

    Please tell me you are finding out the gender! :)

  2. Yes! This time we are finding out if baby is a boy or girl. =)