Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

I was going back through my blog looking for posts when I was pregnant with Colin. I sure didn't post a lot about what was going on and how I felt. I love seeing the weekly tummy updates on blogs so I decided to do that with this pregnancy.

How Far Along: 13 Weeks (13w 2d when I post this. I enter a new week on Sundays)

How Big is Baby: Today the baby is the size of a peach, about 3 inches.

How Momma Feels: Good! I have had some random cases of nausea the past few days, but other than that I feel really good. The only think I notice is that I feel a lot of pressure in my lower belly. I don't remember that with Colin. I'm sure it is from a growing uterus, but it can get kind of uncomfortable, especially at night.

Baby Bump: Nothing much to see. I can, but people probably just think I'm gaining weight. =) Looking forward to that baby bump!

What I'm Eating: Most things. I don't have any aversions to anything right now. And no cravings. I started keeping a food journal though. I got in that habit while on Weight Watchers and find it really keep me accountable for what I put in my mouth. I'm trying to keep my weight in check this time around and according to my phone app, I'm right on target...even if I feel like it is a lot. Oh, I've added back caffeine. I cut it out completely in the 1st Trimester, even though I knew 1 cup was fine. I'm having 1 cup a day if I want it, and have found a new K-cup I really like: Starbucks Blonde blend. yum!

Exercise: I'm back to my normal routine. I'm doing body pump twice a week and walking 2-3 days a week. There is a yoga class on Monday mornings that I think I might sprinkle in every so often too.

Maternity Clothes: I didn't need maternity pants with Colin until I was around 16 weeks or so. This time I sprinkled in some maternity shorts around 11 weeks but am still able to wear a couple pairs of my normal jeans/cropped pants. My running shorts cut into my stomach and actually make it hurt, so I've ordered some maternity athletic shorts to try out. No maternity shirts yet, though I picked up a couple cute plain tees at Target yesterday for when I'm ready. And my box of old maternity clothing is in my bedroom taking up floor space and making it look like a wreck. I do need a new sports bra! I can't breathe in mine anymore since I like them really fitted to begin with.

Movement: None yet. I felt movement with Colin around 16 or 17 weeks, so I am looking forward to that!

Boy or Girl? Don't know yet! So far I have felt like baby is a girl, but a couple nights ago I had a dream it was a boy, and it felt so real. So now I don't have a feeling either way.

Big Brother: Colin understands there is a baby in mommy's tummy. Sometimes he will ask me how big the baby is and tell me to be careful and take care of it. I bought a Doppler for this pregnancy and was able to let him hear what the baby's heartbeat sounds like. I also show him how big it is by these great pictures in my pregnancy book. When I told him to talk to his brother or sister, he said "Hi. Don't knock down my buildings, please." He's very worried that this baby will chew his toys and knock down his creations.

Flash Back: This is me 12 weeks with Colin.


  1. U look so cute! Can't wait for baby Coleman! I was guessing girl.. But I'm waiting fora bump to ake my final guess!

  2. your hair is so long! It looks great and so do you! looking forward to more "tummy tuesdays!" :)