Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Stitch Fix

I've seen Stitch Fix for a while now. Mostly while I was pregnant, so it wasn't something I could do right then. Last month I finally decided it was time to signup and give it a try. My closet needs to be resuscitated and I tried shopping with two little ones...and have nothing to show for it.

What is Stitch Fix? It is a monthly styling service. You pay an up front $20 fee to be styled. When you sign up, you fill out a detailed profile with your sizes, likes, dislikes, etc. I was even able to give them my link to a Pinterest board that I add clothing items I like. You can tell them your style (I put classic) and what type of items you are looking for from casual to work attire and even date night clothes. It even asked if I was a mom. Ha! You can also put price points for items so you don't get items that are out of budget.

I got my first box Wednesday and told myself that if the sizing was off, that was OK. If I liked the styles that were selected I'd try again next month. I was hoping for 1 item to work for me.

So here is my first box:

I was so excited to see it arrive and the inside was packaged so pretty and ready for me to unwrap! It came with note from my stylist and a style card for each item I received with ideas on how to wear it.

My first item was a Chevron Infinity Scarf ($34)

I thought it was cute and was going to use it as my backup item. I already paid $20 for the styling fee. If nothing else, I would keep this and only paid an additional $14. Since I ended up liking other items, I decided not to keep this. I would love one of these, but Charlie is putting everything in his mouth right now, so I know this would end up getting slobbered on. I kind of hope I get it in a box again in the future.

Heathered V-Neck Dolman Sweater ($48)

I loved the fit of this sweater but wasn't crazy about the color. I ended up sending it back, but told them if I had received it in a fall box I would have kept it. I'm just not looking for sweaters for my closet right now.

Solid Tab Sleeve v-Neck Blouse ($68)

 This was the only item in my box that didn't fit. It was just a tad too big. And the sleeves wouldn't stay rolled either (which might have been the style...I don't know). I might have even kept it, a little large and all, if the sleeves didn't feel so odd.

High Waisted Cropped Trouser ($99)

These were in my "maybe" pile for a while. I REALLY wanted to keep them. They fit perfectly but the color of blue didn't go with much I already had in my closet. It looked great with the blouse above and had it fit I would have kept both. I let them know that I loved the pants (fit and size) but they didn't go with much that I had and would have preferred them in black or a green. So maybe I will get them again in the future in another color. (Fingers crossed!!)

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($88)

This is the item I kept! I pulled them out and thought "no way." I never pick up distressed jeans. I am not one to buy jeans with holes already in them. But I tried them on and loved them. I send a girlfriend a picture of me in them and made sure I wasn't too old for them and decided to keep them. I have a ton of jeans (I love demin) but have nothing like these. They go great with simple tee shirts and I even wore them to the park with a pink scoop neck tee, gray cardigan, and my Nike's.

So out of all the items, I only kept one. But I kept one that fit great and that was something I would never pick for myself.

I really enjoyed this service and dropped my Birchbox to try this out for awhile. If you have any interest in trying for yourself, click here to use my referral link when you try to I get a credit. =)

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