Friday, December 18, 2015

Wrapping Up 2015

Ok, so I didn't do so hot on updating the blog through 2015. In fact, not including this post, I did it all of 2 times. So 2016 will be the year I get back on track. I really think this will be the year. =P Wish me luck!

Since I didn't update in 2015 enough, here is a look at our year through some of my favorite pictures. They are in no particular order so here is a quick list of what we did this year. You can match the event. Ha!

  • Disney Cruise
  • Trip to Chicago
  • Trip to Florida with a trip to Legoland!
  • Colin turned 6 and started Kindergarten. I'm one of his room moms.
  • Charlie turned 2 and started Mothers Day Out.
  • We did lots of home improvements this year. We remodeled our basement bath, finally finished painting the interior of the house, got new carpet, removed some trees and got sod out front. It looks like a different house than the one we bought!
  • Did a train ride with Santa!
  • We visited Old Town Helena for a lot of First Fridays.
  • We visited The Club a lot this year for Easter, 4th of July, the Jingle Bell Buffet, and many family nights trough the summer.

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