Friday, August 15, 2008


I have a few projects running through my head. I usually start and then get distracted and end up finishing a lot later. For instance, I have get to get those cafe chalk boards done in my kitchen. I need help with that so my estimated finish time will probably depend on when I can get the assistance. So this week I moved on to something else!

I need to scrapbook - I have two cruises I haven't finished scrapbooking for. Yeah, I am kind of behind, but I do better in the winter. It makes sense to stay inside during that time of the year.

Back to my new project - I have been thinking all week about how to organize my favorite recipes. I hate when things don't match so I can't display them (like my nice cookbooks). I have many recipes I have printed online and gotten from others. Today I found my solution. I stumbled on a website called TasteBook. You actually make your own cookbook. They look nice on the website. Maybe I am behind and you have already heard of this. If you haven't check it out when you need to organize your recipes. They are reasonably priced and you can add recipes in the future if you want to expand that cookbook.

It will take me a while to get all my recipes typed in but when I am done I think I will be very happy with the results.


  1. that's awesome!
    i want one! i agree. I hate my recipe book. I bought this super cute one, but now i'm out of the matching cards- makes me mad!
    i'll have to do one of these two- maybe even make a copy for my grandmothers for christmas!

  2. Ok, I started mine and thanks to you I'll now be up all night typing my recipes!

  3. Ha, I had to take a break from typing mine. There is a way to connect our recipes somehow. I will try and figure it out. And it would make a great gift! I hadn't even thought of that!