Monday, May 3, 2010

Some good news and some bad news

My mom e-mailed me today to let me know what Colin was up to. She asked this morning if he could have Chick-fil-a at lunch. And since that is one of the few places I will ever allow him to eat fast food at I said yes. She wanted to let me know that he got a kids meal and ate almost all the chicken nuggets and ate one fry. Don't worry. The chicken was broken into small pieces and the fry was offered after the chicken was eaten. He loved it. And that is all the good news there was.

(I know, fried chicken probably isn't the best option...but we kind of failed at baby food so I am excited to find that he loves almost any table food!)

And then the bad news. My sister was out of town this weekend. She went to Memphis. For what I am not sure. She lives in Nashville and when I pulled it up on Google Maps I saw that she is on the other side of the river behind Opry Mills. Her place is completely flooded.

She told her her boyfriend, Jake, was canoeing (yes, you can giggle at that. I did) over to her house to see how bad it is. Jake was taking care of her dog Belle so luckily no one was home. She said her neighborhood was evacuated yesterday and that a friend swam over to turn off the breaker in hopes of saving some things electrical. (I honestly don't know if that helps...)

Later she messaged me this picture Jake took when he got over there:

That is a park that is right next to her neighborhood.

Her car is under 8 feet of water and her house is completely flooded and everything inside is destroyed.

My sister is not like me. She seems to handle these situations with a little more grace. I tend to freak out and panic and cry. Megan is a little tougher.

If you think about it say a little prayer for her and, as material as it sounds, for her stuff. I don't think many of her things will come out of this as usable. Thanks!

Update: Here is the picture of her car she sent me. Either the water went down or it is less than 8 feet. Either way - the car is ruined. =(

And her boyfriend must really have a canoe...


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    oh wow! I'm thinking about her! Geesh.

  2. OH NO! We will be praying for her!

  3. that is AWFUL!!!!!! now I feel really bad for just complaining about having a long trip b/c of the floods. puts things in perspective!

    we will keep megan in our prayers!

  4. Poor Megan!! That would be terrible. I can so see her shrugging her shoulders though. Gosh, I just cannot believe that!