Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tomorrow is the day

I board an airplane with Colin alone. I know it really shouldn't be a big deal, but it stresses me out. As in I can't get anything done today b/c I am worried I don't have my stuff or myself together for tomorrow. I have a game plan for tomorrow but it doesn't always happen the way I want. My plan?
  • My grandfather bring us to the airport at Noon
  • Load Colin into the sling and carry him on my hip. Attach diaper bag (only carry-on) to the stroller with all liquids on top ready to go. Put Colin's little suit case in the basket of the stroller. Rest the car seat in the seat of the stroller. Push the stroller of junk with one hand and pull my small roller duffel (Colin in sling so hands free OK) to the ticket counter. Try to look bad ass and not clumsy while doing this. =)
  • Check my roller duffel and Colin's small suite case.
  • Head to security. Unload the car seat first. Then remove the diaper bag and pull out the liquids. Fold and send through the stroller. Kick off flip flops and keep Colin in the sling unless they ask me to remove him. No biggie if they do.
  • Once through security reattach the diaper bag and put liquids back. Put away sling and load Colin into the stroller. Carry the car seat (no worries. It is a Britax Roundabout so it is pretty small and light.).
  • Locate the Family Restroom. Nothing else happens until I know where this is.
  • Find lunch (probably Whitt's) and buy a bottle of water to make bottles.
  • Locate gate and let Colin play on the floor or the little play area.
  • Pit stop at the Family Restroom before boarding for a fresh diaper and for me to empty my bladder.
  • Pray to God that he takes a nap on the plane - at least for a little bit.
Oh, and I am also stressing about the fact that before all that, I need to take Molly to Safari Pet Resort to have her boarded. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but she gets so excited when we get there that she goes wild. With Colin in my arms this is dangerous. I think I will bring in Colin and her food and have someone come out to get her for me. I don't know what else to do...

I don't like the unknown. It scares me. I like to know what to expect. Along with that I am also afraid of bees, heights, and driving in unfamiliar places.

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  1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH!!! You are hilarious.

    Everything will be fine - you've thought of absolutely EVERYTHING!! :) Oh and if you can pick your seat - put him by the window and sit near the middle of the plane - the wings - b/c that's where it's the loudest. Will drown out any crying and might lull him to sleep! :)

    Good luck!