Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick update!

I haven't posted an update on Colin lately. Where to begin?

Colin turns 2 in 11 days! And I am pretty sure the terrible 2's have started. =) They probably started about a month ago...

He is talking so.much.more these days. I am not sure how many words he says but it seems like a lot. He also has started with some short sentences that he says frequently. My favorites being:
  • "I need it."
  • "I got it."
  • "Oh, man."
  • "Hi-ya!"
  • "Hold it."
  • "Come on!" (talking to Molly)
  • "Move Molly." (also talking to Molly)
  • "Where are you?"
He is also a pretty good actor. I let him old the boo-boo cold pack the other day,a little gel filled shark. He would pretend he had a boo-boo and I would lay the shark on the phantom injury. I had to stop and put something away and be proceeded to hold the boo-boo shark in the crease of his elbow and pretend to cry and be in pain. Then he was done.

He is also in to Toy Story. He loves it. Luckily we own 1, 2, and 3 so we can rotate them and not get tired of them.

He has his 2 year old pedi appointment in a couple of week and I am interested to see his weight and height!

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