Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie Buffet 5k

Saturday was a busy day. We got up and headed to Nashville to watch Andrew and Phil run in the Zombie Buffet 5k.

These boys are crazy fans of zombies so it was most likely a dream come true getting to run from them. We met up with Phil and Emily before lunch. The boys headed to Nashville to get signed in and the girls + Colin went to Starbucks to kill time until the race started.

I had Colin dressed in a Zombie shirt. He would growl at you, point to his shirt, and then say "I'm a zombie!"

Then we headed to the riverfront to find the boys. They were ready to go! Couple quick pictures before the race started and then Emily, Colin, and I went for a walk.

We walked over the pedestrian bridge b/c we knew the Zombies were over there and so were Granny and Papa. We knew a few Zombies: Daniel, Megan, and Lashlee. We never found Megan or Lashlee so I never got to see their Zombie attire. But as we were walking over the bridge, the first group of runners weren't far behind us. Which also meant zombies were coming out too. And that is when we got our first sighting of Daniel (Andrew's brother). He was a Zombie dressed in camo. A Marine Zombie.

Um, some of these Zombies were pretty scary. Check out this picture. Emily and I are the right side. And that lady Zombie was pretty creepy. Luckily, we were obviously spectators and no Zombies bothered us.

We had so much fun watching and the boys plan to do it again next year. Hopefully they dress up. We saw some great costumes. The best had to be Mario and Luigi. They brought with them banana peels and "turtle shells" (aka balls) just like in Mario Kart and used those against the Zombies. I heard some of the Zombies weren't too thrilled with that.

I have more pictures, but haven't had a chance to upload them yet. These pictures were some that Emily took and a couple I found on the Zombie Buffet 5k facebook page.

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