Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Months

Where has the time gone? Charlie is already 3 months old!

Charlie is still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing. I've been buying 6-9 month items in preparation for summer months, but I think he will be in theses for another month or so. He hasn't had a dr appointment this month so I don't know his weight, but I am guessing around 16 lbs. I might weigh him at home just out of curiosity.

He eats about every 3 hours and just started taking 6 oz each feeding. One or two of those bottles each day has some left behind, but he generally finishes them.

We JUST moved him to his crib in his room (last night) and he did well. He started sporadically sleeping through the night so I just went ahead and moved him. It can vary a lot on when he gets up. Sometimes he wakes at 3:30ish to eat. A few times he has gone to 6 and once even 7. Generally he wakes around 5 to eat and I'm OK with that. It is late enough that I don't' feel like he needs to be in my room anymore for me to get to. I mix his bottle as I'm walking through the kitchen to his room.

He naps in his swing. First time mommy-me would have stressed about how that is the only place he would nap and would be trying frantically to get him to nap in his crib. Second time mommy-me...couldn't care less. He is napping. I get stuff done. And he sleeps in his crib at night. Those Luvs commercials are so so true (except I don't use Luvs).

He is a happy baby. Like, ridiculously happy. He is so content and laid back. I might even say lazy... We've been doing more tummy time. He's getting better at trying to hold his head up, but most of the time face plants and fusses because he knows he will get picked up. It is so different from Colin, as at this point Colin was pushing up really well and had even rolled over. But they were also very different in my belly.

During NST with Colin, he would move so much and kick the monitor off and we'd lose his heartbeat. Always having to replace it. He still is in constant motion.

During Charlie's NST he was so chilled and laid back. The tests lasted FOREVER because he would sleep the entire time. They would make me drink juice boxes every time to get some sugar to him. They made me poke him and adjust positions. Once they had me play music on my phone and hold it up to my belly. (Justin Timberlake woke him right up and got him moving that time.)

I say he is a laid back baby, but he is starting to come around and be much more alert. He is chatty and loves to babble. He is getting good about sitting in the excersaucer (propped by a blanket in the front) and is starting to reach and grab at things.

I'm feeling great and back to normal. Most all of my pre-Charlie clothes are starting to fit and I'm getting back into a normal workout routine. Charlie does great in the Y Child Watch and I haven't had to be called out of a class yet. I try to go at the same time everyday so he gets his morning snooze in while I workout which I think helps.

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  1. sounds like you guys are doing fab!!!! let's get together soon!