Thursday, March 5, 2009

A question of those who have been pregnant

This is concerning shoes. As you know, warm weather is around the corner, and I am looking forward to some sandals and open toed shoes. I always have my trusty Old Navy flip flops, but I want a pair of pretty sandals. First, is it unwise to get a pair like this:

I'll add, that I seem to trip more in my tennis shoes than I do my heels. Not really sure why, but I kind of think that it is the material on the sole. Or I just walk too fast around the office.

Second, did your feet swell and did you have to buy shoes in a bigger size? If yes, how many weeks were you?

And last, after you delivered, were you able to wear your old shoe size again? Or did you have to continue to wear the new size. This is a big deal. If your feel go back to normal, then no sense in spending too much money, right?



  1. You are too funny!

    I think those shoes are super cute. Have a nice thick heel - no stiletto! - so it should be supportive.

    I was lucky & my feet did not swell. And I was able to go back to my normal shoes after delivery. So, sorry, no help on that one.

    And yes, I LIVED in flip flops...especially during that last trimester! Maybe ask your boss/dad if he'll cut you some slack at the office and let you wear flip flops! :)

  2. Haha, I already wear flip flops to work occasionally during the summer. I do limit it to Fridays, but that will definately change. I dare him to tell me otherwise...

  3. Well, here is the flip side to Em's comment. Yes, my feel swelled like crazy and only half of my pre-preggo shoes still fit. But, you might be as lucky as Em and have no "feet issues" - I hope so!