Friday, April 8, 2011

Pay full price or wait?

I've been watching this Extreme Couponing show. These people are nuts.

We coupon but I don't keep my garage full of "Extras." I do have a spot in my closet for cans and pasta, but that is it.

This got me thinking - what items do you refuse to pay full price for? Because either you know they go on sale or you frequently get coupons or you just don't think they are worth the retail price?

I will never again pay retail for:
  • pasta
  • cereal
  • prego pasta sauce
  • gold fish crackers
  • graham crackers, nilla wafers, ritz crackers, or those boxes of 12 individual snack packs (teddy grahams and such)...or cookies in general
  • eggo waffles
  • broth
  • bagelfuls (I love these)
  • back to nature granola
  • most granola/cereal bars (excluding Gerber bars)
  • canned veggies or tomatoes (unless I am in a pinch they are are needed and I have none on hand)
  • dry cake/cookie mixes
  • salad dressing
  • bbq sauce/ketchup/mustard, etc
  • bagels
  • candy
  • ice cream
  • Discovery Center membership - I mean, come on...most of the stuff in there doesn't work properly. I hope one of those half off things come around again when I need to renew.
Things I am willing to pay retail for when needed but stock up on when I can:
  • frozen veggies
  • cheese
  • low sodium french fries
  • lean cuisine meals
  • rice
  • yogurt
  • Buddy Fruits
  • low sodium pretzels
  • juice
  • salsa
  • tortilla chips
I will always pay retail for milk, eggs, organic meat, fresh fruit and veggies just because you can't really stock up on a good deal. I do try to buy fruit and veggies depending on what is on sale and in season.

What do you refuse to pay retail on?

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