Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 14 weeks, 2 days

How Big is Baby: It varies on what I read. I've seen lemon, nectarine, and my clenched fist. Either way, about 3.5 inches.

How Momma Feels: About the same as last week. I have started wanting a nap again in the afternoons and have found that I only feel sick if I eat carb heavy/sugary things for breakfast (thank you food journal!).

I also can't believe every week that I make it a little further. Sundays are my favorite day right now since that is when I progress to a new week.

Baby Bump: I can see it, but others probably still think I'm just gaining weight. When I lay flat on my back, you can see a big (to me...I know it gets bigger!) round ball at the bottom of my belly because my uterus has popped out from behind the bone.

I wore this dress to church Sunday, and then at Target after caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror. I know I'm not showing, but the dress just fit differently. It think I am going to retire it, along with a few other things. Hopefully I will see it again next spring.

What I'm Eating: A lot of fruit. I make at least one fruit smoothie a day to make sure I get that in and make it with almond milk so I get lots of calcium. If I don't make a smoothie it is because I munched on whole fruit most of the day. Like I said previously, if I eat something really carb heavy for breakfast I start to feel bad. So eating a bagel or donut or pancakes (sad face!) is not really what I'm doing. I tried cereal today and I'm hoping it helps. Oatmeal seems to be OK right now though. I did eat a donut with Colin, but waited until around 10 and I was fine. So I can still indulge every so often.

Exercise: Going strong! I did 2 days of weights (at home and body pump) and 2 or 3 days of cardio (walking) last week. I use my heart rate monitor but kind of dislike having to watch it. I want to know, how old is the 140 bpm rule? B/c that is nothing. I mean, I stick to it b/c Dr. Chesney said so, but I don't like it.

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing a couple pairs of normal pants mixed with my maternity shorts. I have been wearing a maternity swim suit since it is a tankini and my other choices are my two piece (not doin' it) or my one pieces that make me look fat. Just fat. I got a couple at Old Navy and really like them. I also bought a new dress I can't wait to be able to wear AND got a couple bags of clothes to borrow from some sweet friends! I've just glanced though them and I am so excited that I will have so make long sleeved tops for when it gets cold toward the end of my pregnancy. I only have maybe two winter type things in my own personal stash.

Movement: I thought I felt flutters last week...but decided it was way to early and it was probably gas. Wishful thinking!

Boy or Girl? I have been feeling girl this week. Strongly. So it's probably a boy. =)

Big Brother: One morning he came into my room and first thing he asked was "How does the baby come out of your tummy?" That was fun to answer. I think I gave a good explanation without using words that would be inappropriate for a 3 year old to say in public. I wasn't going to lie to him. He seemed happy with the answer and went on his way.

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