Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 16 Weeks 2 Days

How Big is Baby: 4.5 inches, the same size as an avocado!

How Momma Feels: Tired. I napped a lot last week. It's hard to get motivated to do much because I just want to rest.

Baby Bump: I think I have one now. At least I feel like it's there. I no longer feel as fat because it is looking rounder to me, at least towards the bottom of my belly. Andrew noticed it this past weekend, and before that he said I looked the same. I notice it more when I lay down on my back still (which is actually uncomfortable already). It is like a ball just rises up and floats on my belly. It is kind of freaky.

What I'm Eating: Nothing unusual. It seems like I'm hungry all the time right now, so I snack during the day a lot.

Exercise: I am doing so much better this pregnancy with this area. I got in 4 days of cardio (walking - mix of treadmill and outside) and 3 days of body pump! My weight gain is still on track, but on the higher side of "OK." I'm hoping that not doing much for the first 12 weeks and then adding back in weight training has been why my weight is on the higher side. I can tell I've built back muscle I've lost and I even increased my weights a bit for the back/leg track because it was just too easy. I'm trying not to focus on my weight too much a just be healthy, but it is frustrating to hear people say they only gained 3 pounds the first 16 weeks. I'm doing everything right, so I hope to keep it in check this time!

(For the record, I think I gained 40 pounds with Colin! I am aiming to keep it at or below 35 lbs this time.)

Maternity Clothes: I moved out almost all of my regular clothes and stocked my closet with maternity stuff. I am still wearing a few of my non-maternity tops that are not clingy, but gave up on my non-maternity pants/bottoms this week. Not going to wear the non-maternity tops too much longer b/c I think they make me look thicker, where as when I wear a maternity cut top, it makes me look like I have more of a belly. And new bra is a must soon!

I got a $15 card from LOFT for my birthday this week and picked up a cute short sleeved cardigan that I can wear over maternity tees and tanks. I am hoping to spend my clothing money on more things I can layer over basic maternity tops so I can still use them long after I've delivered.

My sister got me a super cute blouse for my birthday and I can't wait to wear it when I get big enough. It is sleeveless, but I should be able to pair it with a black or grey cardigan and get some wear out of it through the fall too!

Movement: Yesterday (16w1d) I got lots of movement out of nowhere! And I didn't have to be sitting still to feel it. Happened off and on all during the morning. I had my 16 week appt yesterday too. When he found the heartbeat, you could hear the baby moving around and kicking. He said, "wow, have you felt any of that yet?"

Boy or Girl? Still feel girl most of the time. I'm not sure if I really think it is a girl, so I'm just getting myself used to the idea of something different. I know boy. I got boy down. Girl would be a whole new ball game.

Big Brother: He's been curious about where baby will sleep. He even offered to share his bed. So sweet!

Flash Back: Me at 16 weeks with Colin

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