Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bachelor

I am over it. I don't like any of the girls. Maybe the girl from TN, but I don't see her with Jake...

All these girls do is gang up on Vienna (which I was never fond of really) and I don't have any clue what the deal is. Did I miss something?? Or is it poor editing on ABC's part...b/c I really don't understand what the deal is.

I am sure I will keep watching it but I am really upset that I cleared out How I Met Your Mother on my DVR in order to record this lame season of The Bachelor. Boo.

I won't have a pick for next Monday as I will be on vacation! Maybe it will get better while I am gone. This time next week I plan on being in the casino at the Atlantis Resort.

Until then I will stay busy comforting a teething 6 month old (we actually have swollen gums and a bump...this might actually be it!) and keeping him from attacking the xBox every chance he gets.


  1. I dont get it either... I mean.. I didnt see her say anything bad about any of them. YES.. she did flaunt the date.. but seriously.. who hasnt! Its not the best season by any means but I will continue to watch!

    Teething.. eww.. Try Gentle Naturals teething drops from Walgreens/Target.. all natural drops can give them every two hours!

  2. Gosh I can't stand Vienna....reminds me of Paris Hilton....just fake & all into herself and a major Daddy's girl. That was from the intro night.

    I like Ali the best still. But I agree, she needs to back off Vienna...it's just getting old.

  3. I think it's poor editing. She annoys me simply because she's so young and seems to be there to just get on TV. I'm actually likeing some of the girls - Ali, Tenley and Ella. I liked Elizabeth until she was an annoying tease and glad he booted her this week.

    Are yall cruisin' to Atlantis or staying the week? We're heading to Atlantis for 5 days in March. Give me the scoop when you return!

  4. We are cruisin' to the Bahamas on Monday! We did stay at Atlantis for our honeymoon 3 1/2 years ago and LOVED it. I know there is other stuff to do around the resort, but we never left. It is so big and there is plenty to do: all the pools and slides (duh!!, nice big casino, aquarium, comedy club, movie theatre, beach, and some boating/snorkling activites also.

    Just don't be surprised by the price of the buffet. Ouch! We were lucky to have it included and my in-laws paid for our honeymoon but the buffet were very high. I want to think about $40ish per person. Now, I love to eat...but I know there is no way I ate $40 worth of food. I liked the bar/grill in the casino and there was a pizza place and a deli that wasn't too terribly priced.

    If you have any questions just e-mail me! Or even let me know if you want me to pick up any type of brochure for you while I am there.