Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our trip to California

This entry will be mostly pictures. First, I want to brag on my little guy. He is such a great traveler! His first flight was 4.5 hours longs and he did so well! We didn't have any issues getting him through security with all of his stuff and he flirted and smiled at just about every stranger we saw. People told us after he landed that he was such a good baby and that they didn't hear a peep out of him. He LOVED looking out the window and watching everyone around us.
Saturday we walked along some of the streets in Long Beach and then attended the wedding that night (a big fat Greek wedding!). My sister in law looked beautiful and the wedding was so nice. I left the reception before dinner was served to put Colin to bed but heard there was a lot of traditional Greek dances done and that the party lasted a long time.

Sunday we headed to San Diego for a day at the zoo. Colin loved watching the animals and I enjoyed the warm weather. That evening we met Andrew brother (the Groom) for dinner and he and Aunt Niki gave Colin some camo sleepers he bought on base. They must breed Marines to be big...b/c he wears 6-12 and 6-9 in most clothes now and he was swimming in these 6-9 sleepers!

Our flight back was peaceful and Colin slept most of the way home.

The Kokopax carrier was great to have at the airport. We would kick out he stand and the would sit in it in the waiting area at times. We ended up using a stroller at the zoo. And I am looking for a bigger diaper bag for travel. His current one I love and is great for every day kind of stuff, but I want something bigger to hold EVERYTHING so that I only need one carry on - not two!

Here are some pictures from this weekend...

AND...we have started crawling. He will got two or three crawls and then fall...but I am sure consistant crawling is not far behind. He also started doing this weird "tee-pee" thing this weekend. Every so often I will catch him pushing up on his hands and feet and sticking his tush in the air. I don't know what he trying to accomplish though...


  1. His tee-pee move sounds like yoga! :)

    Glad you survived the flights!

  2. YAY so glad you had a successful trip!
    You all looked so pretty/handsome!!!!

    Grant did the "teepee" ... silly boys!

  3. Oh I love the teepee!! Nate did it too! I can't believe Colin is already crawling though. Wow, watch out - you will have your hands full very soon!

    Glad your trip went so well. I am jealous you got to wear shorts & short sleeves! We could use some of that warm weather right now.