Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Review: Travel Compression Bags

Today's review is pretty short and sweet because it is a simple product I like...and I have to get the books closed for two different companies. So here we go!

Travel compression bags - these bags are filled with your clothing and then sealed and rolled until all the air has been released. No vacuum needed! I like them because it makes so much more room in my suitcase, didn't wrinkle any of the clothes (surprised me!), and gives me the peace of mind that my clothes are protected if a bottle of something busts open during the trip.

But, they can be deceiving. When the weight limit for baggage when you fly is only 50 lbs, you can really go above and beyond. Make sure to weigh as you pack to ensure you don't go over!

I purchased mine at Target in a family sized pack: 3 large bags and 2 medium bags.

Travel Compression Bags: Retail Price $19.99

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