Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Review: On Hold

I am currently on my way to sunny California! So today I am skipping my review. I have a travel product in mind for my review next week after I see how well it performs, so check back next Friday for that!

Hope you are having a Happy New Year and starting it off right. My New Year's resolutions?
  • Keep my kitchen table cleared off (no junk mail, coats, etc.).
  • Hit "unsubscribe" to all the junk mail that enters my e-mail.
  • Get down to a weight/clothing size that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin again! No numbers off the top of my head. I will know when I get there b/c I will feel it!
  • Most importantly - not to dwell on my weight loss, or lack there of. As long as the scale isn't going up then I am doing something right!
I feel like I set pretty attainable goals for this years resolutions. Don't forget to set some good ones for yourself!

1 comment:

  1. You look GREAT and dont need to lose weight!!!! (That being said, my resolution is to lose weight too, so ha, I think it's a girl thing! :)

    Have fun in Cali!!!!!!!