Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Review: Moonstruck Chocolate Truffle

I love chocolate. I think it is one of the best gifts I can receive. When I went to visit Cassie in Chicago for the first time I remember going to Moonstruck Chocolate and having a hot chocolate and one of their little chocolate discs.

After that I made sure to have Andrew bring me some back went he went to Chicago, as CNA is headquartered there, and I was able to go back again the weekend I got engaged in Chicago.

They no longer exist in Chicago and are based out of Portland, Oregon. That is too far to go for my chocolate. I do order some online at their website, but I recently found out that Whole Foods carries some of their chocolate bars and a selection of their truffles!

They do not carry my favorite truffle alone. You have to buy the little box with two truffles to get my favorite one: the Mayan Truffle. If I could buy these by the pound, I would. The woman behind the counter at Whole Foods said I could order them there...but I think I would have to make a pretty substantial order and I don't have that kind of cash laying around for chocolate!

This is how Moonstruck describes the Mayan Truffle:

One of our most complex and exotic truffles. A ganache of milk chocolate, cinnamon and crushed roasted almonds, hand dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

My mouth is now watering...

I placed an order for my mom's birthday and noticed they have Mayan Chocolate bars. I ordered two for myself and I am hoping they are as good as the truffles!
If you stumble across any Moonstruck Chocolate I highly suggest you give it a try...and pick me up some. =)

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