Monday, July 19, 2010

Buying ahead

I know some of you do this and I need help if I am going to have a successful go at it. Usually when I buy clothing ahead of time for Colin it is the wrong size. He needs something bigger. Right now he is in 12-18mth clothing. He is 30.5 inches tall and 23.5-24 lbs depending on if he has on clothing when being weighed. What size should I buy for next summer?

Will he grow that much in a year? I am thinking 2T to be safe. What do you experienced mommies think? I am trying to save money here, so buying a size that won't fit will defeat the purpose! Thanks!


  1. Bates and Colin are about the same size. Bates is longer and weighs less though. Bates currently wears 12 mth tops and 6-9 bottoms (just for summer, cause the length is too short in pants) I just bought 24 mth tops and 18 mth bottoms for next summer. Again, only a guess.

    I would say 2T would be WAY to big though.

  2. so, I planned on buying him 24 mth pants for winter. I should stick to 24mth short/pants for summer? I guess he will probably wear 18-24mth at the begining and toward the end if he needs 2T I could look for sales then. I told you I was no good at this!

  3. I don't buy ahead just for those reasons! You never know when a growth spurt will hit. Let me know if you figure out a way to do it safely!

  4. I think I will go to OshKosh and Carters and Gymoboree where I am pretty sure as long as you have your receipt, they will take it back...even a year later. (Keeping the tags on!). I don't think it work that way at I will have to wait til the actual season to shop there. But I think I am correct about being able to return at Osh Kosh, Carter's, and Gymboree. Then at least if it doesn't fit, I won't be out any money...maybe I will but two sizes if I really like it and its cheap and return the one that doesn't fit?

  5. Im with Casey....too much stress & too many unknowns! I mean, I love a bargain, but I got a headache just reading your post/comments.

    My advice is this...wait till Colin is a little older to do this. Nate hardly grew btw 2-3 yrs old. In fact, he's wearing his same 2T clothes from last summer this summer! Just a thought. I just know the growing slows down a lot once they hit 2.