Thursday, July 22, 2010

A day all to myself

Saturday we are getting some new tires put on the Jeep and Andrew is heading up to Hendersonville for the day to get it done and use his Dad's discount. He is taking little man with him so that I have the day to myself. But what do I want to do?

I kind of want to go shopping but a) in recent events of getting to stay home more I am trying to be more frugal and spend less and b) every time I buy something new and I love it it gets a hole in it. Seriously. I washed a shirt for the first time Tuesday and it has a hole. Only my clothing gets destroyed in the laundry. And no, the shirt wasn't from Old Navy and my washer is a nice front what gives?

Or...I kind of want to pull everything out of my closet and clean it out and I want to pull all of Colin's old clothes and fit them in one big tub. I also want to organize the pantry and repaint all the trim...and pressure wash outside.

Any other suggestions?


  1. definitely option know I love organizing!! let me know if you need to borrow my label maker LOL

  2. You're too funny! My first two thoughts were Was it an ON shirt? and Is there something in the washer? Guess I'm no help. Organize! It's the gift that will make you feel the best!

  3. So.. somehow I stumbled across your blog through a random path of comments.. but Saturday I plan on attending the Encore and more consignment sale in Franklin! And then taking some things back Sunday to be sold! Yay savings, and hopefully some winter clothes for baby (well toddler now)