Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making New Friends

I have taken a giant leap out of my comfort zone. Last week I decided that I would like to find more people with little boys close to Colin's age. I jumped online to and joined a new playgroup. And I went to my first "meetup" yesterday...all alone. This is not something I do. I am shy and usually just makes friends through other friends. But I took some initiative and decided that this is something I would have to do on my own.

The play date yesterday was all the way in Cool Springs at Peek-a-Book Playtown so only one other mom was able to come. Her son is 16 months old so I was very excited that if only one person came at least their kiddo was Colin's age! Colin had a blast! I didn't get to talk much until we sat down for snack because I was chasing him everywhere. He was free to roam and go where ever he wanted and took advantage of that.

We stayed about 1.5 hours and then had a snack and came home. He fell asleep as soon as I started driving (10:45am) and I moved him to his crib when we got home. I had to go wake him up at 1:45 so he could eat a late lunch. I know he would have slept longer but I really didn't want him to skip lunch! He was pooped. And I got some cleaning done. =)

Here are a few pictures.


  1. I know I told you, but I am so impressed that you did this! I'm going to look into that site for some afternoon groups!

  2. Way to go.. that would be out of my comfort zone too! And BTW.. you are so friggin internet savvy!!!

    That place looks kind of like the Discovery Center!!!! So glad you had fun and that Colin took a good nap! Thats always worth it! :)