Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teeth - they really are wearing me out

So we did pretty good cutting the first couple of molars. He wasn't too fussy and I thought this was going to be a breeze!

Well last week he cut two more bottom incisors and started the bottom molars. It is safe to say we now have 9 and 2 halves teeth. I say 2 halves because those molars are so big only one side of them is poking through yet. I think we are on our way to one more half because last night was hell. Andrew said he was just celebrating the same date that one year previously he started his colicky behavior. I assured him it was his mouth because just putting my finger in there to feel them he gave a blood curdling scream. That was what went on all night.

I should have know it was coming because the only time he was happy yesterday was when he got to eat homemade ice cream and when he saw Hallie (I am convinced he has a crush on you, Hallie!). Otherwise he was upset/uncomfortable.

Here is where we stand with the order that he teeth have come in.

And you may be thinking "I couldn't care less when he got what teeth!" So if this post seems random to you just know that I use these as a reference when I go back and fill in baby books, scrapbooks, etc. This is an easy way to journal what happened when!


  1. amen. we are (and have been for a week) three two molars, and all for eye teeth. it's great fun!

  2. I can't believe he has so many teeth! I hope he finishes soon!