Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucy & Ricky, I now understand

Last weekend we traveled to Jasper, AL (where nothing exists) for the wedding of a friend/co-worker of Andrew's. We took Colin to Grandma and Grandpa Coleman's on Saturday morning to sleep over while we stayed in Jasper after the wedding.

I was so excited to get a night of uninterrupted sleep. Don't get me wrong. Colin has been sleeping through the night for a while now, but I always go to bed with the expectation that tonight he could wake up. So I don't always get the restless night of sleep I want b/c I am prepping myself to be woken up suddenly. We even brought our pillows from our own bed...because I can't sleep on hotel pillows. They suck. That is all there is too it.

That excitement wore off at about 3:30am on Sunday morning as I was ready to get back to my own bed. The hotel we were staying in only had Queen beds left. Didn't expect it to be a big deal but I need those extra 12 inches you get in a King sized bed. No way could I get a good night of sleep with someone on top of me. And luckily Andrew felt the exact same way.

It made us remember when we bought our mattress right before we got married and how we couldn't decide if we wanted the Queen or if we should just get the King, so we didn't regret it. I am so glad we splurged. My bed may be a monstrosity and take up half of my bedroom, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

To sum it up: I would rather be woken up in the middle of the night by an infant while sleeping in a King bed than have to share a Queen bed.

Or follow Lucy and Ricky's lead and take my own bed.


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    Ha! We had a queen bed up until we moved and got a new King bed. We love it! We were recently at Ben's parents house where they have a full bed and it was one of the worst nights sleep I've had. We were flopping this way and that trying to get comfy and then to top it off, mid-way through the night Chloe hopped up at the end of the bed and refused to budge. So all three of us shared a full! TORTURE! I love my king bed!

  2. ahaha you are going to laugh so hard. My husband and I have been sharing a FULL, yes a FULL size bed since we got married two years ago. :) I would kill for a queen

  3. Thats hilarious!! I would love to have a King bed!!!!!!!!! NICE!