Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hallmark Star!

I recently switched email addresses. I occasionally check my old email b/c you never know what you might miss. I am so glad I checked it today. Today I had an email from Hallmark letting me know that the card I submitted has won again!

The same card I that won for a couple months ago (see the picture to the right) that was available for sale online will now be in Walmart stores after September 19th! They said that the card selection for each store is "tailor-made" so our Walmart may not have it, but other Walmarts could. So if you are ever in a random Walmart, check for me and take a picture. =)

Along with Colin's card being available for purchase in stores, I also won another $250!


  1. Congrats, Leah and Colin. So proud of you both!

    Uncle Tim

  2. If you find out when they will be in stores, I'll scour all the Walmarts around here to find some and buy 'em!

  3. Colin isn't even two...and he's already been a card star and a train commerical star!:)