Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The month of August

We have been busy this month. Here are a few pictures from what has been going on.

We enjoyed the Wilson County fair with Granny & Papa. Colin's favorite part was the chicken/rabbit coupe. He loves birds (yuck) and loved walking around and looking at all of them. We also saw lots of dogs and even got to touch pigs, chickens, and goats. He loved the tractors and even got to play in a pit full of packing peanuts!!

The fair isn't for me, but I am glad I got to go with Colin his first time. I also enjoyed the fresh roasted corn on the cob. =)

We also went to the Taste of Stones River. This year, along with tasting some good food, Colin got a special wrist band and was able to go inside a fire truck and play on inflatables. He had a blast. It was incredibly hot so he drank more water than ate food, but he left a happy boy!

And last weekend Colin attended his first football game with his best buddy Ben. Ben's daddy is one of the coaches for the Blackman Football team and they go watch the game every week. When we first moved into our house we always talked about going over to watch a game. We can hear the band and the crowd from our house when we are outside. It always sounded like fun.

Colin loves playing with Ben and asks for him constantly during the week. I am so glad God has already sent Colin a buddy and that his mom and I have become good friends too.

My boy loves music and the marching band mesmerized him. When we went home I told him to tell Daddy was we saw. He said, "I see drums!!"

Summer is over but we are ready for fall. Bring on the cooler weather!

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