Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We had a couple of firsts this week.

Today was Colin's first day back at Wee School MDO program. Today is a short day, so I will be back up there to pick him up in just a few hours. Thursday is his first full day. He was ready. He ran right into his room and started playing. He paid me no attention.

I got him a fun backpack this year: Toy Story. =) He loves it and didn't even take it off when he ran into the room to play when we got there.

Colin also slept in his toddler bed for the first time Sunday night. He did great! He pretty much sleeps through the night. He wakes up at 3am, but I do too right before him. So I am not sure what that is about. But he doesn't get out or leave his room. I had to wake him up Monday morning. This morning Andrew heard him talking and he walked in there to find him sitting on his bed reading a book.

He also naps pretty well. Sunday he went right to sleep. Monday he just wasn't tired. So I told him we would have quite time in his room for a while even if he didn't want to nap. I left him in there for an hour. He stayed on his bed, only getting out to get a new stuffed animal to play with or a book to read. I am pretty happy with that!

I am redecorating Colin's room. Sad to see the nursery go, but excited to give him a boy room! Remember how much time I spent on those stripes? Well, getting rid of those stripes are just as time consuming and miserable. The edge of edge of each strip had a little bit of a bump to it. I went through and sanded down that bump. When I ran my hand against the wall, I couldn't feel it. So I then started to paint. One coat and you could still see those lines. I ended up doing two coats and you can still see them depending on how the light hits. So now I am thinking I have three options:
  1. Find another kind of texture/pattern I can paint on all or the top part of the walls. Doing a lot of Googling on that.
  2. Use the edge of the old stripes as a guide and tape up stripes again. Only this time use the same blue I painted only a different finish. Probably glossier so you see the stripes even though they are the same color.
  3. Stop caring. It isn't THAT noticable. My OCD is what makes it worse.
Right now I am leaning toward #2, but won't tackle it for a few weeks if I do it.

We hope to get him a twin bed with a trundle soon and a new dresser. His furniture is dark wood and I want a honey colored wood for his big boy furniture. I already bought his twin bedding and I have been using the flat sheet as the sheet on his toddler bed. I like the bedding too much to spend more money on toddler sized bedding. It works for now and it hopefully won't be like that for long!

I will post picture when I am done but to give you an idea, the walls are blue with a white chair rail, I have red curtian on order (not the red that you can see in the above picture), a little blue nightstand, and car themed lamp, pillow, and art canvas, and I am thinking Santa may bring him a little PB reading chair unless Mommy gets one before then.

**Off of the Colin subject - who is watching Bachelor Pad?**

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  1. wow, LOTS of firsts! hope he continues to do well in his new bed.

    love the colors/design ideas! and I highly recommend the PBK chair....abby love love loves hers!!

    ps. you KNOW I am watching bach pad! can't stand vienna & all her drama!!!!!!!!!!!