Monday, March 15, 2010

Completing the Smile

That tooth finally came in on Saturday! Then this morning C smiled big and I noticed another one on the bottom!! We are up to 5 teeth.

His teeth have been coming in all out of order. Here are the teeth we have now and the order they came in:
and now he is sticking his thumb in toward the back right side of his mouth. I wouldn't wonder this normally, but since the other teeth came in a weird order I am starting to wonder if he is working on one just a little further back. Or maybe just one on the bottom that I can't see. Either way, I wish they would all come in at once and be done. =) He is so much happier when his mouth doesn't hurt!

And we also did some baby proofing this weekend. We have the outlets covered but that is pretty much it. I haven't done much in the way of protecting corners on furniture and maybe I am a bad Mom, but I am not doing that. He doesn't play around the living room furniture. If the issue arises, I will take care of it, but for now we just took care of the kitchen cabinets. We installed some of the magnetic locks. LOVE them. If you don't know what I am talking about (b/c I didn't until my Dad showed them to me) they are completely invisible from the outside. You use this very strong magnet to unlock the cabinet. It is the "key." There is no chance he can smash his fingers like with the little plastic ones you push down to open b/c the cabinet doesn't open AT ALL without being unlocked first.

It was going great and my Dad was installing them for me. I asked him to add the extenders to the magnet so that it unlocked a little more easily. This means we had to drill pretty deep into the cabinet. I was talking while he was drilling and the battery was dying - this combination lead to us drilling through my cabinet face! I am off to Lowe's to get some wood filler and repair it. So...these are almost invisible from the outside. They should be completely invisible by the weekend. =)

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  1. send me a link to what these look like. i might need 'em