Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Jude

I am sure many of you listen to the Big 98. Every year they host a St. Jude Radiothon and raise money to help the kids at St. Jude and to help fund further research. Every year I listen and it makes me sad, but I have never called in. We try to practice giving financially in our house and we usually do that by giving to foundations or organizations that have had some significance in our life.

We have given to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and attended functions that support it (Steeple Chase!) and I feel good doing that as my sister spent a lot of time there when she was young and diagnosed with Diabetes. It is an excellent facility and although I don't remember visiting her much I was up there a few years ago when Andrew had surgery and it felt like such a great place for kids to be when they are in poor health and need help. It is cheerful and fun. I never remember my sister having any complaints about staying there or being afraid to go.

We also found the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America and plan to start giving to them as Crohn's affects Andrew and my sister has Colitis (which brought her once again to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital). My sister has had her entire colon removed and for a while had a colostomy bag. They were able to go back in and use some of her small intestines to make a "j pouch" to take the place of her colon and return her to an (almost) normal functioning digestive system. I am sure many people have donated money to fund research to be able to allow my sister to live without a colostomy bag and I want to do my part to make sure they continue so that the people I love can have a normal life if their disease strikes again.

This year I became a Partner in Hope. Like I said previously I listen every year. This year I felt something different. To hear these mother's talk about their children and the experience they had a St. Jude really got to me. To the point that I would have to turn off the radio. The only thought that ran through my head is "What if that was me...and I was talking about Colin?" That thought scared me. We are not bulletproof. You think it won't happen to you but it very well could.

Maybe this particular act of giving is selfish but I gave because I wanted to make sure that if Colin were to need the services of St. Jude that is was still there. That they still had the warm blankets that comforted the kids while they gave blood or had chemo. That they still had places that would house families for free while their children were being treated. That they still turned no one away because of their inability to pay.

Again, it may be selfish but that might be what God used as a motivator to get me to finally give and support those that need it.

Today 94.7 (I don't remember what that station is called) is having a Radiothon for St. Jude. Even though I already became a Partner in Hope I still have to turn it off. I can't handle listening to these stories. It breaks my heart.

So tonight go home. Hug your little girl or guy and thank God that they are healthy! Then go to St. Jude's Website and donate. Give a one time gift or become a Partner in Hope. Don't be like me and only give to organizations that have already been apart of your life. Remember that we are not bulletproof. I want St. Jude to thrive so that if my family or my friend's families find themselves there they are taken care of. No financial worries. They will benefit from cutting-edge research and have people love them like family.

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  1. Awww, yeah! It's the most incredible hospital. Really! We used to volunteer there in high school and visit the kids and stuff. Such an amazing place!
    The stats on what it takes financially to keep it running everyday is overwhelming.