Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Life

Here are some pictures from the beginning of March up to yesterday. There are so many I just don't think I will caption them all, but I wanted to share. And there are three pictures missing because I can't find them. I will worry about that later though!

(Hopefully this slide show works!)


  1. the slideshow worked great! how did you do it??

    love the mar 20 pic - eggs and tie - he is too cute!!

  2. I use SmugMug for all my photo storage and yesterday I noticed a slide show option.

    I love Hallie's picture of Grant in the tie and decided to try it out with eggs and his Easter tie. I tried putting him in grass and he screamed! Even with clothes on. He is dealthy afraid of grass...odd.

  3. And I can't spell "deathly"