Monday, March 15, 2010

Slacking on my Picture Posting

OK, I have been slacking a little bit on posting my Project Life pictures ever since our household got sick. But I wanted to post the two from this weekend.

Look, mom! No hands!! I bought C his new swimsuit (in 12-18mths!) and wanted to try it on to make sure it would fit. I was taking his picture for Saturday while he was in it and he climbed up the door...and then let go. He is getting brave and is beginning to let go of things. Sometime he will stand there for 5-7 seconds...and sometimes he lands on hit butt. I was just excited to actually get a picture of him doing it! I really could not have planned that.

And once again...I love Gap's baby jeans. Andrew hates putting pants on C and requests sweat pant type bottoms. That is what he wore most of the winter but I had to get him some denim. It is too cute.

Like I mentioned, I am buying 12-18 mth clothing and they are on the loose side but now I don't feel like I am hurting him when I am dressing him. All of his warm weather clothes are 12-18 mth and I am ready to start dressing him in them!

1 comment:

  1. AWWW! I love those swim shorts!!!
    We grow big babies!! Grant was in 12 mths at that age too! :) I cant get over how big he's getting!