Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 Months

Today Colin turns 5 months old! This past month has been the most enjoyable for me. At 4 months, baby officially begin to be fun.

Right now one of his favorite toys is Sophie the Giraffe. He chews and chews and chews on her her until he falls asleep in his car seat.

We think he is probably working on getting some teeth through those gums of his. Along with his mouth leaking drool like a broken pipe, I noticed last Wednesday that there were two white bumps in the middle of his bottom gums. I check it every other day or so, and they are still there. I assume they are teeth working there way up because I am not sure what else to assume they are. I tried to take a picture which is difficult b/c the little bumps are more visible on the back side of the gums than the front. Here was my attempt:

and of course NOTHING shows up in the photo. I was just proud that I was able to get a picture of his gums when no tongue in the way!

We also went to the Discovery Center and played with Mady one day before Thanksgiving.

And we are thinking of starting sleep training this weekend. 153 days old and I think we have have 8 good nights of sleep. 6% of the nights so far have been good. That is not good enough. We are dragging and can't do this much longer. I am convinced that if he could put the paci in his mouth himself he would be fine. So it is time to teach him to self-soothe. It may have to be without the paci. I am torn though, because what if it really is his teeth bothering him? What you I do?

All I know is Mommy and Daddy want a good night of sleep for Christmas.


  1. We started "baby boot camp" at 4 months. It was about a week of hell while we was learning to self-soothe, but we too grew tired of the passy game. Let me know if you need some tips!

    I might get some tips from you soon actually....for Abby. We are thinking she might be colicky...FUN!! :)

  2. Bring on the boot camp! Let me know if you want me to have a stern talking with him- it worked for Grant!

    Hey, and when he goes for his next check up let me know his measurements, Bates has a well baby check this week and I want to compare their sizes again!

  3. Aww.. he's getting so big!!!

    Good luck on the bootcamp! call me if you need to vent!