Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sleep Training on Hold

First off - this little boy loves his new wheels. Even when he felt yucky today, he managed to have fun in this thing. He even moves it around (though I am not sure he realizes it yet).
Last night we decided to start sleep training. That all went down the crapper. When I got home, he had a runny nose. We thought maybe that he really was teething as I have been told this could be a symptom. We put him to bed that night with ever intention of sleep training but when he got up at 9:30, 10:30, 12, 1, 3, and 4:30 his cries were different. (No, I didn't just let him cry all those times. Andrew and I argued about it in the middle of the night, but I knew something wasn't right so I gave in.) His cry was so pitiful and he really did sound like he hurt. This wasn't his normal "pat my tush til I fall asleep" cry.

When the doctor opened this morning I called and left a message. He was drooling still and also had the runny nose and a new nasty cough to go along with it. He didn't have a fever, at least according to my thermometer. I didn't know you don't use the ear ones until 6 months. Yes, I am dumb. Oops. My mistake. Won't use it for another month.

They decided to have us come in since he was up so much last night and when the nurse asked if he was pulling on his ears I told her I was pretty sure he wasn't aware that he had ears yet. When we got there they weighed him (18lbs! When will the weight gain slow down!?) and took his temp (101.2). They checked his ears and in the end decided he had his first cold and an infection. He now using some antibiotics and drinking some Pedialite.

I asked about the white bumps I saw on his gums. She took a look and although she didn't tell me what they were, she did say he wasn't going to be breaking any teeth through soon. So I have no idea what those are. But I am deathly afraid of teething and that it will be as horrible as the newborn stage. I am afraid and I am seeing phantom teeth.

Hopefully he gets better soon because we are off to Gatlinburg Monday!


  1. I think the nurses are crazy when it comes to teething. Colin's symptoms are exactly what G does including the random sleep pattern. He also gets a clear runny nose and "the runs".. and they always say those dont go hand in hand with teething. Funny how that happens EVERY TIME he cuts a tooth! Only you know your baby! Those white bumps prob are teeth!

  2. I agree with H...even when you think you're a clueless mom, you're usually right! B/c you know your baby best!!

    So sorry you guys are feeling crappy. But OMG - love that jeep/car exersaucer thing! Too cute!