Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Review: Diaper Bag

I decided that every Friday I am going to review something. Put in my two cents. Maybe a baby item (most likely at the moment), restaurant, recipe, or other gadget. To kick it off, I am starting with my little guy's diaper bag.

Before Colin was born I had picked out a diaper bag. I wasn't able to pick a gender specific one, for obvious reasons, but I liked the idea of a plain black one regardless of a boy or girl. I decided on the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe. This bad has plenty space to keep everything you need for your day outings. To give you an idea of what it holds, here is what I have in it when it is stocked and ready to go:

6-8 Diapers
Diaper Wipes Case (also Skip Hop - I like their products)
Butt Paste
Hand Sanitizer
Mini Lysol Spray
Pacifier Wipes
2 Bottles
Formula Dispenser
Can of RTF Formula
2-3 Burp Clothes
Infant Tylenol/Mylicon
Board Book
Rattle or Toy
Hat/Sweatshirt (depending on the weather)
Extra Onesie (needed that for the first time this weekend...)
Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes
Snacks/Change in the "Parent Pocket"

It holds a pretty good amount for its size. I also really like the way it attaches to my stroller. Unclip the main strap, and put out two shorter ones attached to the bag from the inside. Just wrap them around the handlebar and click into place. Done! (The white thing hanging in the picture is the wipes case. I love it.)
Skip Hop has some really "chic" bags that I would love to have, but I decided to try to avoid needing to change bags every time Andrew takes him on his own. He won't want to carry a bag that looks like a purse and I don't want to shift things all the time. So this bag is perfect. In fact, we bought one more just to mix it up. Camo!

I also picked up at Target a few months ago a smaller diaper case by Skip Hop (exclusively at Target). It is the size of a small purse and holds a small wipe case, 2 diapers, and even has a pocket that comes with a thin changing pad. I added to that pocket some hand sanitizer and a pacifier. I take it with me when I know I will be in and out quickly with no need to feed Colin - but I don't want to take the chance of being stranded with no diapers!

So if you are in the market for a new diaper bag I suggest you take a look at the Skip Hop site and see if any of there bags fit your needs. I am very happy with my choice and have yet to see a diaper bag in stores that I wish I had purchased instead.

Next week: baby carriers. Because I got a new one today that I am trying out and I am curious on how it will compare to the Moby Wrap.


  1. oh man!
    i'm gonna have to check these out!

    i'm so excited about your friday posts. i have a baby sling my mom made. I might come over and try it out with colin, if you don't care!

  2. Come on over and try him out! He is usually pretty happy in a baby carrier, so he will be a good baby to test it on!

  3. One more thing, any idea what stroller that is in the picture?

  4. It looks like a Bugaboo Stoller.

    We are going to be gone today and tomorrow. How does your week look? I will be home Wednesday. What days are you working from home?

    I can always bring him by after I get off work and pick him up from my mom's if htat is easier!

  5. ugh oh.. did you have your first blowout???

  6. More like a monster blowout...I can't figure out wjere he keeps all that in his little body!

  7. More like a monster blowout...I can't figure out wjere he keeps all that in his little body!