Monday, December 28, 2009

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Colin's first Christmas was a good one! First we had dinner and gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Coleman's house on Christmas Eve.

Then we headed out for Colin's first Christmas Eve Mass.

After Colin went to bed Santa came to visit him because he was a good little boy.

And the next morning we played with his new toys.

Then it was off to Mamaw and Grandpa's house for gifts and Christmas Dinner.

Colin was beyond spoiled and his toy inventory has now been multiplied by 1,000.
I do have to brag on myself, and say that my brother got Beetles Rock Band for Christmas and there was one song (only one) that I was able to play the drums on expert level and get 94% of it correct. Yes - I am awesome. Ok, normally I play it on medium.


  1. Wow he got a lot of stuff!!!! Nate has that musical table thing and still plays with it to this day.

    LOVE that hat he wore to church on Xmas Eve btw!! He looked so handsome!

  2. Love the suite!!!! Its awesome!!!

    BTW.. Im proud of you on Rock Band.. I stink at it!